Rowland Hetrick

About our Friend - Rowland Hetrick

I have enjoyed photography since my granddad let me use his 35mm when I was 6. I got my first camera that year, I know this because I got a photo from my mom's things after she passed away, and there I was taking a picture of my sister and her new toy China set. That was a few years ago and I have gone through a lot of cameras since then, including 4 DSLRs. I now have a very nice Nikon camera, as well as a good point and shoot.


Photography has always been a hobby for me. I was an accountant when I worked, both as a CPA and for various companies. I specialized in non-profit accounting in the later years and even spent 3 years in Papua, New Guinea. Unfortunately, working for a non-profit meant that funds were a bit short, so I was not able to take many photos while we were there, this was before digital cameras were around.


I most enjoy taking pictures of wildlife. The climate of Florida in the summer months can make that very uncomfortable though. Second choice would be architecture. Antique cars and hot rods are another thing I enjoy taking photos of. I have done some portraits for friends, and have taken photos of weddings for family, but weddings can be stressful. At one time, I was the official photographer for the Maxwell Manor in Philadelphia.


 I have enjoyed taking photos of events at OTOW, especially the Canadian Club!


And we're really happy that you do Rowland!! Thank you for all that you do for us........

Birds Around OTOW

The Anasazi of the Mesa Verde

We took a trip to Southwest Colorado this summer and went to a place called Mesa Verde. The Anasazi lived there for many years but evidently left 1200 years ago. They had villages on top of the mesa but moved down onto the cliffs for safety. The places that they built into the cliffs are amazingly still there. The dwellings were reached by the Anasazi by foot and hand holds in the cliff. That kept them safe from enemies because you needed to know where the correct ones were. They date the buildings by the timber rings in their buildings. Not fleet of foot enough to take the tour anymore, but have enjoyed that in the past.

Chatfield Farm, Denver Colorado

Chatfield Farm is a part of the Denver Botanical Gardens, South of Denver in Colorado. We saw the Elk as we were driving in. He was very accommodating, allowing me to take almost 20 shots from the car, while it rained.

We also ran across a hummingbird, which was a bit challenging to photograph as it moved quickly from flower to flower.

I took many more photos of flowers than I am sharing as it is a large, lovely place.

There is one piece of art made from Native Plants.

I also managed to get a shot of the Colorado Alligator! Ha Ha!

All in all, it was a very enjoyable experience.

Collection on Pinellas

There is an Auto Museum just two miles from OTOW called Collection on Pinellas. For those interested in antiques, it is quite interesting. Outside they have steam engines that did work of some sort, including a 1919 steam tractor. Inside they are mainly what they call Brass Era Vehicles. These are pre 1924 vehicles which were mainly for the rich and had brass decorations, lights, etc..

When I visited, they had two lady docents who were very knowledgeable on each of the vehicles. There are electric, steam and gas powered vehicles included in the collection.

Early October, they have an open house where they show off the equipment with several of the steam engines running. They also have local car clubs, bring their cars to the event.

I mainly took pictures of the club cars outside because the inside was quite crowded. They also have a small train that is available for rides one day a week.