During the 2019-2020 season, drawing to the end of 2020 and with the generous guidance and assistance of Doug Kates, OTOW News Editor we realized we needed to develop a new electronic logo to follow-up the 45th Anniversary logo.  Once I realized that it had to fit it into a square box for the online Box Office, this website and the online newspaper, I started to work with the Canadian / American Friendship flag.  Doug’s many gracious talents included adding the palm tree, pelican and citrus fruit – I hope you find it fascinating and enjoy it!!   Don't worry, it does not replace our regular logo in any way, shape or form!!

In January, 2023, Doug Kates designed this banner for our Club Information Table for Mondays and Thursdays in the EAC Auditorium when we're selling memberships, tickets for events, and providing general information about us and what we do to entertain!   This way people can find us right away!   It is also used for various other events and activities!!   We love the design!!