Our Golden Anniversary Celebrations ~ 19 February 2025

April 12, 2025 will mark the 50th Anniversary of the Canadian Club and 

we are looking forward to our theme with some red, white and gold, plus lots of glitter for an enjoyable celebration of the Club's longevity with our diverse membership to be a memorable evening on February 19, 2025!Please mark your Calendars!!

We were happy to launch and announce the revealing of the 50th Anniversary logo on our 49th year in existence: April 12, 2024!!   We're still working on plans for the big celebration and the logo was the start!!   The 50th Anniversary Dinner - Dance will be a special, anecdotal celebration with lots of door prizes and some fun surprises for everyone!!  We are hoping it's a special night for all to enjoy!!  Lot's of camaraderie, merriment and an enjoyable evening for all!!   Your Executive and the 50th Planning Committee have been hard at work, diligently brainstorming ideas and treasures for the whole season!!   Lots in store and if you have any ideas, please submit to us at: OTOWCdnClub@outlook.com!!