OTOW Canadian Club Inc. -  Constitution and By-Laws

Reviewed and Approved: 

March 25, 1976

March 14, 1988

March 8, 1990

April 1, 2003

AGM 2009   

AGM 2015

February 13, 2018

February 26, 2021


1.0          Name:  The name of the Club shall be “OTOW CANADIAN CLUB INC.”.  Here after known as the Club.

2.0          Purpose:  To foster fellowship and mutual assistance among the members.

3.0          Membership:  Open to all who reside at On Top of the World Condominiums with a valid OTOW Activity Card.

4.0          Executive Committee Composition and Powers:

4.1        The affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Executive Committee [EC];

4.2        Members of the EC are volunteers who serve without compensation;

4.3        The EC shall consist of the following elected positions who are voting members:

-          President

-          Vice President

-          Registrar

-          Secretary

-          Treasurer

-          Ticket Sales Coordinator

4.4          The Immediate Past President is a voting member of the Executive Committee;

4.5          Election of officers to the EC shall be held at an Annual General Meeting (except under mitigating circumstances);

4.6            In the event of a vacancy occurring on the EC during the term of office, the remaining members of the EC shall appoint replacement(s) to fill the position(s);

4.7            The term of office for members of the EC shall be from the date following election or the date of appointment until the day following the next election; and

4.8            The quorum for an Executive meeting is four (4) voting members.

 5.0          Club Constitution and By-Laws:

5.1          The Constitution and By-Laws shall be reviewed, as a minimum, every three (3) years or more often as required;

5.2           Notification of a Constitutional or By-Law change / amendment shall be provided to the membership, not less than thirty (30) days prior to an Annual General Meeting; or Special General Meeting (except under mitigating circumstances);

5.3          The Constitution may be amended or rescinded by a two-thirds majority vote of members present at a duly constituted Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting of the Club (except under mitigating circumstances); and

5.4          The By-Laws may be amended or rescinded by a simple majority vote of members present at a duly constituted Annual General Meeting; Special General Meeting of the Club (except under mitigating circumstances).

 6.0           Club Dissolution:

6.1          In the event a decision to dissolve the Club is approved by the membership, all debts shall be paid and the balance in the bank account retained for a period of no less than one (1) year.  Should the decision to dissolve the Club be upheld at that time, the amount remaining in the Club’s bank account shall be donated to an organization selected by the EC.

 7.0          Tasks and Powers of the EC:

7.1           The EC shall have full power to initiate and transact every and all kinds of business necessary for the operation of the Club in accordance with the Constitution and By-Laws;

7.2           The EC is responsible for setting annual membership fees;

7.3            The EC is responsible for setting the ticket prices for all events held under the   name of the Club;

7.4             The EC shall approve a balanced budget prepared, by the Treasurer, for the   next fiscal year.  This budget shall be made available to members;

7.5             The EC shall monitor expenditures to ensure adherence to the approved   Budget; and

7.6             Tasks of the EC are outlined in Annex A of the By-Laws.


1.0       Executive Committee Elections:

1.1         At an Annual General Meeting, the slate of officers presented by the Nominating Committee and approved by the EC, shall be read and additional nominations solicited three (3) times from the floor; (except under mitigating circumstances);

1.2         Any nomination from the floor must be agreed to by the nominee in person before being accepted; and

1.3         Should any positions be contested, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall form an Election Committee who will be charged with distributing voting ballots, collecting marked ballots completed by members present, and reporting the results prior to the end of the meeting. 

2.0    Fiscal Year End:

2.1      The Fiscal Year End shall be on the 21st of March of each year for which the Club is in existence

3.0     General Meetings:

3.1          The Annual General Meeting [AGM]

3.1.1      The AGM shall be held, annually, on or before the 31st of March and after the closing of the Fiscal Year (except under mitigating circumstances). 

3.1.2      A notice announcing the time, location and purpose of the meeting shall be provided, by the President, not less than 14 (fourteen) days in advance of the meeting.  If, for any reason, the meeting cannot be held as per above, the membership shall be notified, by the President, as to the reason for not holding that meeting and the way forward to be implemented.

3.1.3      The AGM shall include:  Reports of Officers and Event Coordinators;  A reviewed year-end financial report, including explanations of significant variances from the approved budget;  Election of Officers;  Other business properly brought before the meeting; and  Recommendations to the EC may be made from the floor if carried by a simple majority of members present.

3.2         The Registration Night General Meeting [RNGM]

3.2.1    The RNGM shall be convened on or before the 30th of November,                                 following the member registration processes (not on the American                                Thanksgiving). 

3.2.2    The RNGM shall include: Reports of Officers and Event Coordinators; Presentation of the Club’s budget for the new year by the                                    Treasurer and response to any questions pertaining to that                                   budget or for the Year End Summary from the previous year; Presentation of the Calendar of Events for the season; Addressing any Club issues; Introduction of Coordinators for the various Events; and Reports/Announcements from Event Coordinators. 

3.3       Special General Meeting [SGM]

3.3.1    A SGM may be convened, by the President in consultation with the EC,                      for matters considered urgent or of immediate importance to the                                  membership.

3.4      Additional meetings may be held at a time and place determined by the                       EC.  The nature and agenda of these meetings shall be set by the                               President in consultation with the EC; and

3.5       The EC may hold meetings, provided that a quorum of executive members can be achieved.

4.0     Club Events:

4.1         All events sanctioned by the Club must be approved by the EC and be consistent with the purpose of the Club; and

4.2         An individual or group of individuals may be named as responsible to coordinate a Club Event.  This person or group shall report plans to the EC for approval and to the membership on the activity, specifying any revenue generated, costs incurred and resulting net profit or loss. 


This Constitution and By-Laws of the OTOW Canadian Club Inc. have been reviewed, accepted and approved by the Club membership on February 26, 2021 at On Top of the World, Clearwater, Florida.  (Due to Covid-19, this was signed at their residences in Ontario, Canada).

 Original signed by Connie Stanley,                      Original signed by Rollie Lapointe,

President, Frankford, Ontario                                Vice President, Ottawa, Ontario                  Date:   February 26, 2021                                       Date: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ February 26, 2021

Annex A               Tasks of the Club Executive Committee Members

1.0     President:

1.1       Prepares and provides oversight of the operation of the Club;

1.2       Calls and chairs all Executive Committee, and General Meetings;

1.3       Appoints such other non-voting coordinators as deemed
 appropriate with EC approval;

1.4       Coordinates the writing of the OTOW Newspaper article each month of

            his/her Presidency, on behalf of the Club, and provides same to the
 OTOW Newspaper Editor prior to the 15th of each month;

1.5       Coordinates the Mid-Year Dinner / Dance as well as prepares a report
 for the EC on the results of the event;

1.6       Assumes the position of Immediate Past President, upon completion of her/his    term; and

1.7       Promotes the Club at all times to eligible persons.

2.0     Vice-President:

2.1         Assumes all of the duties of the President in his/her absence;

2.2         Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings;

2.3         Assists the President in the preparation for all Executive and General
Meetings, as required;

2.4      Coordinates all aspects of the Spring Fling Dinner / Dance as well as prepares a report
for the EC on the results of the event;

2.5      Assumes the position of President upon the conclusion of the President’s
Term of Office; and

2.6      Assumes such other duties as may be assigned by the President.

3.0     Immediate Past President:

3.1       Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings of the Club;

3.2       Offers advice as may be requested on topics under discussion;

3.3       Chairs the Nominating Committee consisting of him/herself and at least two   Past Presidents still active in the Club;

3.4       Prepares a slate of officers, who have agreed to let their names stand, for each  position on the EC to be filled by election;

3.5      Presents a slate of officers to the existing EC, at or before the last EC meeting  prior to an Annual General Meeting;

3.6      Coordinates all aspects of the Christmas Dinner / Dance as well as preparing a report for the EC on the results of the event; and

3.7      Assists in the well-being and promotion of the Club at all times.

 4.0    Treasurer:

4.1       Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings of the Club;

4.2       Offers advice as may be requested on topics under discussion;

4.3       Receives all monies collected from Officers or others responsible for annual or   one-time events and promptly deposits same in the Club’s bank account;

4.4       Pays all authorized expenses connected with the operation of the Club and   reimburses or advances funds, as required;

4.5       Maintains complete and accurate records for all financial transactions of the     Club;

4.6       Prepares proposed budgets for identified events and provides same
 to the identified Coordinator for review and presentation to the EC for approval   and inclusion in the Club’s next Fiscal Year’s budget;

4.7       Manages all aspects of the Share the Wealth at events as required;

4.8       Prepares a proposed balanced budget for the Club for the next Fiscal Year for    approval by the EC and presents same at the AGM and RNGMs;

4.9       Prepares interim financial reports for Executive Meetings;

4.10     Prepares financial records for review by a 3rd party as directed by the   President;

4.11    Prepares and provides, to all members, a financial summary of the Club’s finances at the AGM and reviews same with the membership at that meeting;

4.12    Files the annual Incorporation documentation with the State of Florida;

4.13    Pays the annual Incorporation fees to the State of Florida;

4.14    Maintains a bank account for the Club’s funds in a financial institution backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC); and

4.15    Performs such other duties of a financial nature as may be assigned from time to time.

 5.0    Secretary:

5.1       Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings of the Club;

5.2       Records minutes of all meetings of the Club;

5.3       Provides copies of minutes to the EC and other specified members of the     Club,  within two weeks following the meeting;

5.4       Maintains official records of the minutes of all meetings of the Club;

5.5       Provides new members of the EC with a copy of the Club’s Constitution, By-   Laws and Tasks (Annex A);

5.6       Provides members with a copy of Club’s Constitution and By-Laws upon   request;

5.7       Conducts general correspondence of the Club as directed; and

5.8       Performs such other duties of a secretarial nature as may be assigned from   time to time.

6.0    Registrar:

6.1       Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings of the Club;

6.2       Organizes a team, of club members, to assist in the collection of membership   fees, issues membership cards on Registration Night and throughout the     registration period;

6.3       Remits membership fees to the Treasurer and completes required Treasurer’s   Report;

6.4       Maintains the Club’s official membership records;

6.5       Provides an up-to-date listing of memberships including but not limited to:   names; phone numbers; addresses and if possible electronic contact     information, to the individual responsible for communications; and

6.6      Submits reports on membership to the Executive Committee and General  Meetings of the Club.

7.0     Ticket Sales Coordinator:

7.1       Attends all Executive Committee and General Meetings of the Club;

7.2       Organizes and trains a team, of club members, to assist in the sale of event   tickets;

7.3       Requests an appropriate float for sales days from the Treasurer to facilitate   change;

7.4       Balances funds to ticket sales, completes required Treasurer’s Report and   provides same to the Treasurer; and  

7.5      Utilizes the established ticket sales process for major events.  This is done in   conjunction with the Event Coordinator(s) and includes Monday and Thursday   mornings and Special Ticket Sale days.